The cute cat’s reaction to its new siblings

The cats and dogs became loving family members 

If you meet someone interesting, you will always remember them. Animals and humans are comparable in any way. Their body language may tell a lot, when they meet an interesting person.

Although the cat seemed to be very small in the photos, it’s adorable to watch the cat’s reaction to her dog’s puppies. When Tom discovered the cat it was covered with oil and grime.

She adopted the feline, because she was very small to even try to walk. Tom also bathed the cat.

And after almost 45 minutes she fell asleep. The family soon got used to the cat, who was planned to be taken to the animal shelter.

It was cleared, that they helped to the adoption of the feline as they already had pets. When the cat first met her new family she didn’t react. They became friends. Tom wants his dogs and cats to become affectionate family members.

They became each other’s best friends. And also one of the dog’s spends all day with the cat.

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