Grandma enjoys every moment of her life with her beloved dog, who is more than just a pet to her

The dog is a whole world for her!

Meet this old woman, who despite her age, enjoys an active life. She walks a lot, eats healthy food and takes care of her perfectly. But there is someone, who makes her happier with her presence: it’s her beloved dog, with whom she shares a strong bond.

The granny feels calm and relaxed with her pet and adores her with all her heart. They are inseparable and love to spend all day together. Their favourite activity is sitting on the balcony and looking at the birds.

For the woman the world seems a wonderful place, when her dog is by her side.

She gives the canine much love and attention, kissing and cuddling her as much as he wants. The dog looks at her with a grateful facial expression. They support each other in every situation and share the saddest and the happiest moments together.

The doggy changes her mood, when she feels sad and depressed. He is a real guardian and supporter. The granny is quite lucky to have such an adorable pet at home.

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