Who is this guy from the movie “Wonder”? How is he without makeup?

His career is only going forward, and we will witness new movies with his impeccable participation.

At such a young age, this actor became famous not only thanks to the popular movie named “Wonder” but a number of other popular movies as well. Although it is obviously impossible to understand and imagine how this man looks in reality thanks to his makeup, he carries on gaining popularity on Instagram, where he has over 800 thousand followers.

Our hero is a man named Jacob Tremblay. He was born in Canada on 2006, October 5th. His mother is a housewife, and his father is a police officer. Jacob has two sisters as well, both of whom acted in movies.

The youngest, Erica, may appear in “Supernatural”, and the eldest, Emma, ​​starred in “Elysium”.

Jacob made his television launch in the family comedy “The Smurfs 2” when he was 7. But most of all, fans adored him after the success of “The Room”, in which he starred with Brie Larson. By the way, “Room” received a number of nominations for “Oscar”.

Later they played roles in the TV series “The Last Man on Earth” as well as the movie “Somnia”.

The young actor created the character of Auggie in the 2017 movie “Wonder”, for which he visited a children’s craniofacial center and met children who share the suffering of his hero.

At the age of 13, Jacob has already starred in over 20 movies as well as television programs. Nevertheless, his career is only going forward, and we are certain that more than once we will witness new movies with his impeccable participation.

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