She has an angelic voice. This girl performs an impeccable cover of Celine Dion

As it turns out we have a lot to learn from Emma.

Emma Churchy, 9, amazed the jury with her audition. She performed an impeccable cover of Celine Dion’s song named “My Heart Will Go On”.

Celine Dion’s mighty ballad “My Heart Will Go On” became the theme of James Cameron’s megahit “Titanic”. It has been covered a number of times by up-and-coming artists, but it is quite a hard song.

We didn’t believe anyone was able to do it until Emma Churchy who is 9, took the board at “The Voice Kids France”. Nobody could believe what they heard as soon as she started singing.

The girl hits every note flawlessly and knows how to open her voice in order to get the ideal big, sumptuous notes. She doesn’t give up and you’ll realize the reason when you become aware of her story.

Emma agonizes from a degenerative illness that will eventually rob her of her sight. Although she is at risk of being sightless in case modern medicine fails to find a treatment, she is content with what she has currently. The girl never takes a second of her vision for granted.

As it turns out we have a lot to learn from Emma. She became the winner of “The Voice Kids” that season, and after listening to her audition, it’s not difficult to see why. She has an angelic voice.

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