The husband sent a photo of a stray kitten to his wife asking her to take the animal home

Excellent decision!

Once, when a man was walking on the road, he heard a strange sound: it was a tiny kitten, who was in an awful condition. The poor baby was alone and defenceless and needed human support.

The man took a photo of the kitten and sent it to his wife asking her to take him home. Although his wife never desired to keep a pet at home, she couldn’t reject him, because the poor kitten’s condition broke her heart.

When the animal arrived, he was immediately provided with much food and a comfortable bed.

The next day the couple took him to a vet and after getting all the appropriate treatment, the cutie became completely healthy and strong. Now he has everything he deserves.

They called the baby Axel and made him the happiest in the world. Now he is the lovely member of the family and always keeps them funny and happy.

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