Humans should grasp from animals how to keep their relationships strong

Two animals of different species that get on very well

A young male bear and a female wolf were seen together in the forests of northern Finland by a wildlife photographer Lassin Rautiainn.

The photographer told, that the animals were often seen together and displayed no hostile behaviour.

On the contrary they usually eat together while forming a deer. This is a unique situation, as bears and wolfs are opposite species and can’t stand each other.

Lassin captured them for 10 days. He told, that he doesn’t have an idea why they get along so well, but maybe it may have started from their childhood, when they shared food together to survive.

Lassin didn’t know any other such friendship, at least in Europe. Usually animals of different species befriend only in zoos. But of course there are deviations to every rule, but such kind of occasion isn’t seen in the wild.

This story proved, that when it regards help animals ignore their external features and even breeds. And people should undoubtedly grasp from them.

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