The rescued cat expresses his gratitude to his human in a sweet way. That’s so cute!

Such warm cuddles!

This cute catty was found near a gas station and that day became fatal for him. The poor baby was meowing when a man heard his voice and decided to help.

The kind man picked him up at once and put him in his car. After getting some food from his rescuer, the poor animal began to feel better.

The man thought that the cutie had escaped from home and appeared there, because the workers of the gas station had never seen him before.

After trying to search for some information about the catty’s family and owners, the man came up with a decision to adopt him, because he couldn’t find anything about his past.

The cat turned be so cute and loving. He enjoys cuddling his lovely human and never leaves his side. In this way he wants to show how thankful he is for what the man did for him.

The catty follows his owner everywhere he goes, even in the toilet.

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