The Girl Was Looking for a Dog Close to Her Heart for a Long Time, Until She Saw a Crumb With Sad Eyes …

Jessica Johns who lives with her beloved man, wanted to have a dog. She already dreamed of how she would take care of the four-legged pet, take it for walks and sleep with it in the warm bed. The couple discussed this for a long time and sometimes even quarreled over the question where exactly to look for the dog. Young people searched for a suitable pet diligently, but didn’t find a pet that would be close to their heart. They thought that they would certainly feel when they find their very animal!

The search continued for quite a long time. A month passed, then half a year, and a year … And the “soul mate” that the guys wanted to find in the dog was never found.

One morning the couple was getting ready for work and while reading the news feed at breakfast, the girl saw THE VERY CREATURE and felt a prick in her heart. This sad-eyed dog was definitely the one the young people were looking for so long.

So the mongrel immediately found a home!

Jessica and her beloved went to get acquainted with the dog, played with it a little and confirmed their desire to shelter the baby. Now the pet has a home, and its name is Aiza.

Jessica’s dream has been finally fulfilled! The dog is surrounded by love and warmth of new owners and it grows rapidly. It managed to learn many commands, which made the young people pleasantly happy. In the morning, the doggy runs to the kids’ bed to wake them up and go for a walk together.

Aiza plays a lot, eats delicious food, and its mother Jessica feels absolutely happy that her dog is living a carefree life.

“Isn’t that happiness?” – the girl asks her beloved, gently hugging the pet.

How did you get your dog? Will you share your story with us ?

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