A poor dog, who was healed by being encircled with love and affection

One more story showing that love can make miracles

Animal rights activist named Valeria often goes to the animal shelters to see sick animals, cure them and rescue their lives. So in one of them she found a poor dog named Robert.

He was in a really awful situation. The woman’s health broke, when she learned she couldn’t help him and this was their last meeting.

But no matter this situation, the dog was able to recover. He left the vet clinic and returned to the shelter.

A married couple decided to adopt the dog, although they knew Robert would need a lot of care and medicine.

They encircled him with a lot of affection and warmth, something he had been missing for a long time. Now Robert lives with them and also has a new name Ivon and has changed externally a lot.

It should be noted, that Veleria was the one, who found Ivon’s owners. She thought a lot about the animal’s future and posted his photos on the Internet. She was successful in finding him loving owners.

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