An incredible moment. Wonderful gray owl lands on the photographer’s camera

The photographer was determined to create wonderful shots, instead, he became the hero of one.

It is a shocking second when the artist Anas Trepanier entered the wood, determined to create wonderful shots.

Instead, he became the hero of one when a monstrous owl swooped down and landed right on top of his camera.

Trepanier went on a photography tour of the Côte des Beaupres region north of Quebec, Canada together with artist Thomas Pham-Van and other fellow photographers.

He vouches that he witnessed a large brown owl perched on the wall and stopped to fire a few shots when he swooped down on him out of nowhere.

I touched the screen, and in a few seconds, I could see him coming into my field of vision,” he reported to the CBC Breakaway. “This is the largest owl in Quebec.

Trepanier says the owl sat on his camera for approximately 30 seconds and stayed as still as possible while his companions warned him not to move while taking several shots.

“The owl took off and flew directly ahead and then mounted again, heading towards Anas,” says Pham-Wan.

“At that moment, I was astonished to see this wonderful bird and had the honor of catching him during flight, but I was so astonished to see him on camera.” I couldn’t accept the obvious reality.

I took a look and then started drawing again. A fellow who was with us shouted at Anas not to move. I was shaking.

“The owl remained in that position for approximately 30 seconds before flying off, which Trepanier described as a controversial second.

“He was very quiet. He may be a little wary, but who wouldn’t be with this type of bird so close to his face, says Pham-Wan.

“This is a feral creature, so we had no idea how the bird would react if Anas moved. He says he followed the owl’s claws to defend his hands.

It all occurred so rapidly and I don’t think he had the ability or the willpower to think about his visual equipment.”

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