A curious marketing tactic. The hotel used cats to attract tourists

A very simple, yet effective method of attracting visitors

There are now many visitors. Many people desire to have a cat, who will come into their life and change everything for the better.

But not everyone has the chance to understand this.

A Japanese hotel used a very curious and interesting marketing tactic.

And as the idea became very popular the hotel not only gained popularity, but also obtained a lot of money for the owners.

And the coat of the hotel room with a cat has increased. If is now allowable to refuse the chance to spend the whole day with a cat if it is offered.

But who thinks about the money when given the chance.

And the man, who considered this amazing and distinctive idea deserves an award for originality, as no one has ever considered of such ordinary and unique idea before.

There has also been a cat cafe, where you can be with cats for some time. What’s your opinion about the idea? Share it in the comments section below.

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