A poor donkey got abandoned by his mom shortly after he was born

This donkey faced many hardships shortly after he was born. In a few months after his birth he got tragically rejected by his mother and, unfortunately, was abandoned alone. Whereas some people couldn’t stay insensitive, helped the animal overcome the burdensome situation and the baby obtained new shelter and was now surrounded by kind-hearted people who were willing to take care of him.

Later on, it was found out that his mother, being already pregnant, was brought to a special donkey sanctuary located in the United Kingdom. She was probably not ready to give birth and become a mom, that’s why she left his newborn foal orphan.

The workers did absolutely everything in order to convince the mom to accept her baby, yet she definitely was not going to and she didn’t even allow her baby to approach to her for a second. It was obvious she deliberately rejected him.

After that, everyone expected for the worst as the condition of a little foal was extremely hopeless and miserable. But the workers surprisingly managed to keep him alive and make him feel most comfortable and protected. The volunteers fed him and provided with all the necessities required for his existence. Yet it goes without saying that the tiny foal needed someone to constantly be with him as he was not lucky enough to get his mother’s warmth and affection.

After the workers realized that, they rushed to introduce him to another donkey that was at the same sanctuary and, mercifully, the two animals immediately became indivisible. The poor baby eventually found the love and support he was destined to get from his real mother.

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