Although no one believed that this cat would be adopted due to his age, a man gave him what he dreamed of

From abandoned to loving pet!

Meet Tuxo, a friendly cat, who had a loving family, but when be became 18 and was not as active and energetic as before, his owners took him to a shelter.

Although the staff of the shelter wasn’t sure if he could find a forever home or not, they shared his photo on social media. But they were surprised to be informed that a man wanted to adopt him.

The man fell in love with this beauty at once and decided to make his life better and happier. Tuxo turned to be so loving and cute, who enjoyed spending most of his time on his owner’s lap. The man was so happy to have such a friendly and affectionate pet, who brought much love and happiness to his family.

Recently the cutie celebrated his 20th birthday.

Tuxo is quite active and funny and enjoys his life with his loving owner. They are happy to have each other and are always together.
This caring man gave the catty the second chance at life and made him the happiest in the world.

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