The Veterinarian Held the Baby on His Chest to Warm Him up … The Story of an Amazing Finding!

 A family in Thailand looked out the window and saw a tiny kitten all alone on the street.  When the cutie came closer the family suspected that the kitten wasn’t an ordinary pet and they called a rescue organization!

 The rescuers from Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) came and took the baby.  It turned out that the kitten belonged to an endangered species: a rare “fishing cat” who is a wild cat that lives in Southeast Asia.

 “We were surprised to see the kitten without her motherless because it was clear that she was born a few hours ago.”- said WFFT.

 It turned out that the family knew the catty. The kitten’s mother was a rescued animal whom they found in a rice field near their home a few years ago. They raised the cat and then released her into nature. “

 The rescuers believe that she decided to give birth to babies near the same house. 

 The family expected the cat to return for the kitten but most likely she forgot about her.

 The kitten was found “frozen and hungry,” so she was taken to the WFFT hospital.  The vet held the baby on his chest in order to keep him warm.

 They named the cutie Simba.

 “The fishing cat is on the verge of extinction in Southeast Asia,” the WFFT said.

 Simba the cutie is a little fighter.

 “He is now in an incubator that creates the perfect environment for him,” said the WFFT.

 “As long as he is very small we’ll have to wait to see what happens next.”

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