Nobody believes this dog is real, so his master made a mark

Everyone who enters the shop just becomes attached to Chester.

Chester is a German Spitz who is 8 and he has been coming to work together with his master at a bookshop located in New York for three years. The dog is small, silky, and basically naps all day, and this is the reason why many people who enter the shop think he’s not real.

Chester’s master, Marcus Colleran, and other shop employees were asked so frequently whether Chester was real or not, that they, at last, made a decision to make a mark …

Well, indeed, a lot of signs.

“His location is on the bar as our ‘mascot’ or “official welcomer” even though he sleeps most of the time,” Colleran reported to The Dodo. “I think the refusal was mainly for security reasons on my part because I wasn’t certain how he would handle so many people and it’s windy outside in the summer. As it turned out, there was no need to worry. People adore him as well as ask about him when he’s not in his place.”

Everyone who enters the shop just becomes attached to Chester, he is stroked as well as took a photo all day long. Chester doesn’t oppose the attention, although, as a matter of fact, he’d rather just sleep. He is a pretty quiet dog, and he is not at all embarrassed by the universal affection for him.

“Chester only really reacts as soon as the person next to him smells another dog,” Colleran said. “Otherwise, he acts quiet as well as obedient for most of the day until he makes up his mind it’s time to take a walk.”

Besides napping all day, Chester shares his experience and team building by posing for his favorite performances as well. You can find her picks at #ChestersPicks on Instagram.

So, in case you ever find yourself in a drama bookshop and meet Chester; Yes, he’s true. Yes, you can stroke him. No, he possibly won’t stop sleeping.

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