The Cat Rescuer: Normer’s Dedication and Kindness in Saving Feline Friends from the Treetops

The man performs the cat rescue out of his kind heart  🐱❤️🧓

Normer was a social worker during his professional life. But after retiring he started rescuing cats from trees most of his free time.

And after retirement he started tree climbing as a hobby and after his adventures in the southern forests he started to understand, that he is happy to offer cat rescue and it’s an appreciated service.

And during one of his club meetings he was introduced to the idea of cat rescue. Normer has lived all his life with cats and he was happy to mix his two beloved things together.

And one of the most important things in Normer’s rescue is that he starts a rapport with the cats before rescuing them. He considers it as a vital thing and says he couldn’t perform the rescue without it.

After retirement he has already saved 783 cats and it’s very interesting to know how far cats manage to get up. Normer has never left a cat behind with his simple tree-climbing equipment. He always performs every step to get the kitty down to the ground.

And the most important and amazing thing in his rescue is, that he performs it absolutely free. He doesn’t take a dollar for his rescues and he simply performs it out of his kind heart.

He considers, that if he charges money his cat rescue would become a simple thing.

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