She needs proper care. The story of a girl living with her old and sick mother

I want to have a rest but instead, I am always exhausted and tense.

My mother was quite old when my brother and I were born. Nevertheless, it didn’t have a bad influence on our health or anything.

True, my mother was old but my brother and I had no problems with anything. She did everything for us.

Sadly, my dad passed away early. I was only 17. So, my mom started doing everything for us.

After graduating, my brother received a job suggestion from the US and went to work there. So, I was left alone with my mother in Armenia.

Currently, my mother is already 80 and she needs proper care. She began to forget everything, for instance, turning off the iron and gas, although I told her not to touch anything. As soon as mom wakes up, she goes to the kitchen in order to cook something.

But most of the time she burns or puts sugar instead of salt, frequently puts unclean plates on the shelf, etc.

A few days ago, I was very frightened because she left the house and forgot the way home. It’s not an easy matter to live like this because I don’t know what might occur in the next second. I work a lot and when I come home in the evening, I want to have a rest but instead, I am always exhausted and tense.

As for my brother, he absolutely forgot about us and does not assist … I do not know what to do.

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