The family went to the shelter to adopt a kitten, but instead found and fell in love with Rexy

Such an exciting choice!

Meet Rexy, a 20 years old catty, who is a wonderful pet for the family and makes everyone around him happy and funny.

Rexy would never expect, that he would have such an opportunity to enjoy his last years in a loving family. He thought that he would stay at the shelter forever, but thanks to the kindness of his actual owners, his life changed completely.

The family with two children and two dogs wanted to adopt a kitten, who would bring much fun and happiness to them. So one day they went to the shelter to find a lovely pet for them. Although they were searching for a little kitten, they spotted Rexy and immediately fell in love with him.

They never expected him to change their lives in this way.
Now Rexy is their lovely pet, with whom they share many interesting moments.

The dogs welcomed their new member with happiness and later they became inseparable. The catty was so happy to have such loving friends and caring owners, with whom he could enjoy his life.

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