“I’ll admit it. I adore my body!”: No one stayed indifferent seeing the flawless figure of actress Hilary Duff

The star of “How I Met Your Father” showed her body after giving birth to 3 kids

The star of “How I Met Your Father”, actress H. Duff drew everyone’s attention showing off her flawless figure in provocative photos in a swimsuit. The iconic 34-year-old woman shared that the only secret to her stunning look is maintaining a proper nutrition and regular workouts. She daily spends a great amount of time on exercising making the better version of herself. The gorgeous blue swimsuit of the film star clearly emphasized her desirable body and some even refuse to believe that the actress is actually a mother of three.

Her delicate makeup with her lips emphasized with a brown lipstick and her highlighted cheekbones as well as impressive eyes made the Disney star the object of admiration on the network.

During “Women’s Health Australia” interview, Hilary admitted that she used to have difficulties in accepting and loving her own body. The actress finally realized that being physically healthy is the fundamental factor in each and every person’s well-being as well as it is an irreplaceable component of happiness. She was trying to get in shape, whereas only with a coach did she manage to change her life.

According to the charming woman, the actress literally adores her body and is proud of herself. She gets an adequate amount of sleep and rest in order to keep the balance. Now, she holds the opinion that thinness is, in fact, the result of extremely poor health.

It should be noted that Duff raises her three adorable kids. The heir of the actress and NH player Michael Comrie Luca Cruz was born in 2012. Later, Hilary married popular musician Matthew Coma with whom she had two daughters, now 4-year-old Banks Violet Bair and 1-year-old May James Bair.

How did you find the figure of the charming actress?

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