These poor kittens just needed such caring people to believe in them and encourage them in life

It’s what made the kittens happy!

When admiring her son’s playing, mother heard a strange noise. She saw that several people were watching something. She approached them and saw little cats that were so close to each other.

They were so thin and needed maternal care. They were taken to specialists that took care of them and only a day was needed to recover them.

The son of the family that helped those little cats, hugged and loved the kitten and she felt relaxed in his arms. The family decided to adopt the cat.

It took some days to make kittens happy and besides their favourite actions, they preferred to hug their lovely people. Their lives turned upside down thanks to the kindness of people, who saved them without hesitation.

Now they can enjoy their lives whatever they want and are overjoyed to be surrounded by caring people.

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