This little canine thinks she’s a husky and the result is really cool

Rosie has undoubtedly become an essential member of a band.

We frequently glorify the connection between a man (or woman) and their pup but this occurrence about a cat taken in by the family and their huskies currently operating as a band demonstrates that the contact between dog and cat may not be as difficult as we sometimes think.

To celebrate International Cat Day, we bring you the story of the canine named Rosie as well as the Siberian Huskies named Lilo and Infiniti.

In August 2015, Lilo became a surrogate mother for her family’s new affiliated kid, Rosie.

When she arrived, Rosie was numb as well as insensitive, so Lilo took it upon herself to calm her down.

Lilo’s host says, “She’s always had an inborn maternal instinct but she really amazed us when she went into full surrogacy. Lilo has never had puppies by herself and never will be able. But mothership may just be her calling.”

As Rosie restored, grew as well as gained confidence under Lilo’s guardianship, she shortly became one of the band members to join them on their outings.

She goes kayaking with her canine companions.

And joins the family on their camping journeys as well.

Lilo and Rosie’s master says: “Right from the beginning, Rosie grew up thinking she was a husky. She does everything that dogs do, and the best part is that they don’t see what we see, they don’t realize that they shouldn’t be fellows or that they are not similar. Rosie has undoubtedly become an essential member of our band.”

And it looks like Rosie hasn’t finished studying with Lilo yet, as she has become a tutor of several puppies herself.

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