An interesting restaurant, where dolphins bring gifts for guests

A new way of communication with dolphins 

Dolphins give interesting gifts to humans. One of the dolphins started giving different objects drawn out of the water. There is an interesting restaurant in Brisbane, where seven dolphins swim.

According to volunteers a dolphin named Lagoon regularly brings gifts to the restaurant. Although he hadn’t done something before, now he carries something with him all the time. The dolphin appears from the bottom of the water, bringing something in his mouth.

Such things can be seen in the restaurant. The volunteers told, that no one had demonstrated something similar to Lagoon.

They consider, that the dolphin tries to communicate with people in such way.

Although locals told, that Lagoon just tries to clean the water.

According to scientists, who study dolphins behaviour, their behaviour shouldn’t be considered in a one sided way. They are very highly intelligent creatures and have a varied communication culture.

Although it’s possible, that the dolphin communicates like this with humans, it’s more probable he’s just trying to amuse himself or he needs to get back to his ordinary care schedule.

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