Because of her mummy’s tight parenting, this baby horse was very frightened, but now she is so different  

Such an amazing transformation!

Troll is this adorable baby horse, who had a difficult life because of her mother’s protective instinct and strict nature. The poor animal wasn’t allowed to communicate with others.

This continued until the arrival of several friendly dogs, who completely changed her life.

The owner of the Sanctuary, where Troll lives, says that when the horse family arrived, the mother was so protective towards her baby and never allowed anyone to approach the little horse. So for this, Troll became so scared and lonely, and no one wanted to socialise with her.

The staff of the Sanctuary was so worried about the horse’s future and they did their best to make her friendly and sociable. This lasted not so long, because several dogs arrived at the sanctuary and they immediately offered their assistance to Troll.

At first the baby was a bit confused and frightened, but after a short time she got along with her new friends and started to have fun with them.

The workers were so happy to see that Troll became sociable and playful.

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