“Didn’t want to spoil her attractive body”: The first public appearance of Jessica Parker’s girls born by a surrogate mother

Iconic actress Jessica Parker first showed her grown-up girls born by surrogacy

Here is the first public appearance of outstanding, praiseworthy and enormously successful actress S. Jessica Parker with her daughters born by a surrogate mother. To say that everyone was amazed by the adorable girls’ incredible is actually nothing to say. According to the prominent movie star, the main reason she refused to carry and give birth to babies on her own was that she didn’t want to spoil her attractive figure. So, here are Tabitha and Marion who look much like their legendary mother and pleasantly surprise the public with their charm.

This is how the netizens reacted to the iconic family’s appearance. “Three incredibly beautiful divas”, “Let’s wish them happiness and career success!”, “I simply can’t imagine that a stranger carries my own baby”, “The iconic family”.

Do you think she made the right decision to turn to a surrogate mother?

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