This little raccoon is going crazy on the trampoline. The video gained popularity

As a matter of fact, the raccoons had so much fun.

Robert Fuller made up his mind to build a jungle gym in his yard and built a great trampoline.

But one day he spotted a raccoon on a trampoline and was astonished.

“I first spotted him on a trampoline in 2015,” Fuller reported to The Dodo. “It was snowing and I followed the paw traces to the trampoline and all over it too.”

Day after day he spotted that there were two raccoons on the trampoline, enjoying a great time.

Robert made up his mind to film them.

“When I was preparing my camera a few years later, the trampoline was the prime pretender for the camera, and I shortly spotted breathtaking clips of raccoons jumping and having an amusing time,” Fuller said. “They seem to meet on the trampoline in order to play as well as have fun. They seem to like the texture of the material and use it for particularly intense gaming fights as well as stretches.”

As a matter of fact, the raccoons had so much fun.

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