The Child Tried to Get out of the Balcony, but the Cat Intervened

The video about the responsible cat was posted on YouTube by users from Colombia. It is amazing how the pet reacted correctly to the situation with the one-year-old baby, and how it rushed to help the child. We wanted to share a motivating story about a nanny cat from the city of Bucaramanga.

It is clear that the baby, who is only one year and two months old, was not left without adult supervision at all. He only recently learned to walk and now actively studies the surrounding space, therefore the balcony or the noisy street behind him attracted the attention of the little wonder. But luckily, the savior- cat sat next to the boy.

The child only tried to grab onto the handrails of the balcony to see what was below it but the cautious catty immediately stopped his dangerous maneuver. Pay attention to how persistently it tries to drive the curious child away from the dangerous place with its soft paw.

The expression of the pet’s muzzle is so amusing when it turns to the owner, which seems to express the following; “Maybe it is already worth taking care of the child?” Looking at this couple, you understand that even in the absence of parents, the caring pet will not allow the baby to do dangerous things.

The video has gor more than a million views and the fluffy and responsible nanny is highly appreciated by the users of social network. They have already left several thousand enthusiastic comments under the publication.

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