Little German violinist. This boy was able to perceive music literally from the cradle

He plays the most difficult pieces on his small violin without any difficulty.

Achim Kamara was born in 2000 in Berlin and has African and European origin in his family. Achim ‘s parents noticed their son’s talent very early. Later, he was assured that he was able to perceive music literally from the cradle. He began playing the violin when he was 2, and his premier teacher was Birgit Thiele from the Marzahn-Hellersdorf music school.

The boy learned absolutely rapidly. Possessing a flawless ear for music, Achim was able to hear even the tiniest fragments of works performed by great orchestras.

Achim’s talent was encouraged in every probable way. Already at the age of three, Achim made his premier public appearance as a violinist at the Christmas concert Schneefloeckchen, Weissroeckchen.

Shortly, the well-known Dutch virtuoso violinist Andre Rieu became aware of the young talent. Watching Achim’s performance in the clip, Andre was just astonished. He instantly invited the boy and his family to his studio located in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. And soon the maestro himself as well as his entire group were puzzled as soon as they heard how little Achim Kamara plays the most difficult pieces on his small violin without any difficulty.

In July 2004, André Rieu included Achim’s performances in his program. And two big and small violinists jointly made a great splash among music fans. Thus, the Parkstad Limburg stadium with a capacity of 18,000 people was packed to potency. People had the desire to meet as well as hear the musical wonder. And at the end of the speech, he was certain that he received the greatest applause.

After such a victorious beginning, Achim vanished from sight for some time. Alas, German TV journalists as well as media spokespersons literally did not let the kid in. And the family had to seriously think about how to defend young boy from such a grave interference in his life.

Meanwhile, André Rieu carried on patronizing his gifted protégé. He paid for his education, involving violin as well as piano classes, and gave the family confidence that the boy would have a musical career worthy of his abilities.

Today the boy is a teen but his passion for the violin is only increasing. He is a virtuoso performer, and his flawless ear allows him to memorize and reproduce the most complex works without any difficulty. He has appeared in a number of TV shows but there is no buzz around his personality.

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