The «police kitty», who was presented a new home

Police officers built a comfortable home for their kitty 

A missing kitty has been coming to the police station for some time. But once she came and stayed all day long. The police officers named him the «police kitty».

A street kitty came to the Police Department’s central office and stayed there, making the policemen fell in love with her.

The policemen told, that they have tried to persuade her come inside for many years, but she refused. So they considered to built a small house for her.

She looked a lot after funding a house, that fits her the most. The agency wrote, that one of the officers stayed after work to built the kitty’s comfortable home.

The home is perfect, it has an enormous place for outdoor dining, expensive glasses and a great view. They saw, that the kitty went to the house and appeared to adore it.

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