An absolute resemblance. The girl gained an Internet recognition thanks to a striking similarity to a Hollywood actor

Cora is a wonderful little girl with a great smile.

Little Cora Grier is not yet a year old. But she’s already an Internet celebrity with an absolute resemblance to Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson. The mother of the girl, Dani Grier Malvenna, admitted the fact that with a small kid it would be not only difficult but amusing as well. At least sometimes.

But what Dani didn’t imagine was that one day, looking at a shot of her daughter, she would realize that the little girl was the identical image of Woody Harrelson. The woman laughed for a long time at the unexpectedly discovered amusing similarity and made up her mind to post a shot of Cora on the Internet.

The shot gained popularity right away. Users also laughed heartily at the mini female version of the well-known actor. Woody Harrelson did not miss the post about Cora as well. He liked the post as well as wrote that Cora is a wonderful little girl with a great smile. The actor also joked that he would like to have hair like the kid.

“Cora expresses her gratitude to everyone for the likes and comments. She also has the desire to say that her child doesn’t always similar to the actor but only sometimes she really looks like him,” Dani wrote.

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