A dog had fully recovered and overcame his phobia thanks to his new friend

Sweet friendship, that helped the dog recover 

The sweet kitten is named Chakki and the puppy is named Laki. They were both taken to the shelter on the same day. Laki had many health issues, while Chakki was active, energetic and flexible.

A man noticed the puppy in the street and considered to assist.

The vet told, that the low sugar level was because of a high temperature. But he didn’t get well from the treatment for unknown reasons and no one they what to do.

And one of the vets offered to pair Chakki and Laki and it was a perfect idea. The dog immediately befriended and soon started to get well.

In 15 days he had fully recovered and had obtained a new friend, who assisted him overcome his phobia. Laki wasn’t physically healthy, as he was soon taken away from his parents and siblings.

But after befriending Chakki he immediately recovered after feeling the happiness of life. But there’s more important thing. The two friends immediately linked with a family and now they live together and are happy.

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