The pensioner already wanted to scold the student with the column. But a second later she saw his manner of talking to a street cat – and changed her mind

Nina Alekseevna had a low opinion of the neighbor boy Lyoshka. A fifth grader once hit a flower bed with a ball, which was looked after by a pensioner. Since then, Nina Alekseevna was finally convinced that this was a juvenile bully.

Lyoshka regularly greeted her every day, he was not noticed in other tricks – but he could not restore his positive image in the eyes of his neighbor.

And when Lyoshka begged for a portable speaker from his father for a quarter closed without triplets, Nina Alekseevna was completely convinced that this was a representative of the “lost generation”. From Lyoshka’s column, there was always some kind of indistinct muttering and music, which the pensioner named “the sounds of hell.” It was not at all similar to the work of the vocal-instrumental ensemble “Golden Ring”, which was Nina Alekseevna’s favorite one.

So today, sitting on a bench and enjoying the May sun, Nina Alekseevna first heard a cheerful cantillation, proudly called Russian rap, and only then saw a joyful Lyoshka appear from behind the house, looking forward to the summer holidays.

Nina Alekseevna made a serious face and replied with a dry “hello” to the schoolboy’s greeting. She was already beginning to think about what to scold him for.

Meanwhile Lyoshka stepped off the sidewalk somewhere closer to the bushes. A tricolor cat, Masha, went out from there.

Here we need to make a small fallback. Nina Alekseevna considered herself the patroness of all the surrounding “abandoned places”. She was not called so without a reason – she regularly fed the mongrels, and they answered her with gratitude. Almost everyone except Masha. For some reasons  this cat avoided of people and even Nina Alekseevna.

The pensioner considered that Masha had just a difficult character. Therefore, when she saw how the cat was rushing towards Lyosha with all its paws, she felt a little jelaous.

The boy knew for sure that the cat would run towards him. He immediately opened  his backpack to find a treat for Masha. He waited for the cat to eat, then sat next to her, talked about something – and walked home with wide steps listening to  the same unbearable sounds of modern music.

“Oh, she is not coming to me, but she immediately rushed to this naughty boy!” muttered Nina Alekseevna.

But since then, the pensioner was no longer so biased towards Lyosha. And even the strange music hardly annoyed her. Eventually, it doesn’t matter what a person’s taste in music is, if the heart is good, right?

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