The smile of a premature baby has become a gleam of hope for many parents

Freya’s footage was evidence that wonders truly happen.

Once upon a time, a little girl was a gleam of hope for parents of babies who had to find themselves in a similar situation.

Here is a shot of a little girl named Freya, who is only five days old. At that time, the girl had to work diligently, struggling for her life. The girl smiled during an encounter with her parents named Lauren and David Vigneault.

Baby Freya was born on Thanksgiving Day in 2014 and her weight was only 1.7 kg. Due to the diligent work of physicians, the baby’s condition was alright five days later.

The parents were on cloud nine when their baby remained alive, they gave the physician a shot of her premier smile. And currently, after so many years, Freya’s footage hangs on the walls of the medical facility.

After her experience, Lauren made up her mind to support parents whose kids were born too early. And Freya’s footage was evidence that wonders truly happen.

Currently, the girl is eight. She is in a good physical state, studies well at school as well as still pleases her parents with her smile.

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