Miracle Recovery: Annie the Rescued Dog Defies the Odds, Finds Hope and Happiness in Foster Care

 Sweet dog got a chance to say «thank you» to her rescuer  🐶🥹

The name of this poor dog is Annie. She was in a terrible condition, when a kind family found her and decided to help. Although they had no hope that she could survive, they decided to try and succeeded.

They called a rescue group and after a short time a kind woman named Lochmann arrived and immediately took the doggy with her. She was very careful towards her on the whole way, and as soon as they reached the clinic, she asked the staff to bathe her as quickly as possible.

Later the skilled vets discovered that the sweet animal had a serious problem connected to her lungs, so they had to act fast. They provided Annie with the best treatment and care, and as a result she became a bit stronger and healthier in a short time.

After becoming completely healthy, Annie was taken to her foster home, where she will be much happier and careless. The staff is doing its best to find a forever family for the adorable doggy, who will provide her with much love and attention.

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