After having a difficult past, this adorable dog now has what he dreamed of for a long time

Such an exciting transformation!

Meet Sink, a 12 years old rescued dog, who had a difficult life and spent most of his life wandering on the streets. After being saved by a shelter, the dog was adopted several times, but he was sent back again. The staff of the shelter couldn’t understand why the cutie had such a bad luck, but one day his life completely changed, when a kind woman named Marina came into his life.

Although Marina didn’t want to adopt a dog from shelter, she fell in love with this beauty at once.

The dog’s face expressed sadness and it broke the woman’s heart. She knew the poor animal needed help and hurried to give him what he dreamed of.

After being saved by the kind human, the dog got all the appropriate treatment and began to smile again. Everything changed in his life and he became happy.

Because the cutie is deaf, his owner made a special outfit for him with the note “Deaf dog” to warn people to be careful before approaching him.

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