The kitty appeared to demonstrate no interest in her owner’s newborn baby

The loving kitty made the house for the baby

Lily Smith adopted a sweet kitty from the shelter. “We immediately linked with Lucy. She is very sweet and follows me everywhere.”

Lily Smith told, that all the guests, who come to their house like to take the cat, even those who don’t like cats. The cat soon realised, that her owner was pregnant, as they are very close. And the cat looked after Lily throughout her pregnancy.

And when the birth date was close, the kitty began making the house for the baby. And the kitty began her preparations in her fifth month.

Lucy began taking some different clothings at night to organise a comfortable bed for the mother and the baby.

The most amazing thing was that Lily had a baby at 4:13 am and Lucy always gathered their clothing at 4:31 am, making the woman think the kitty knew that Lily was going to have a baby.

And after waiting for months the sweet kitty finally saw her younger brother. But despite her owners expectations, the kitty demonstrated little interest in the baby.

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