A Border Collie dog having the special ability to detect suffering koalas saved over 100 ones from Australian great fires

There are innumerable situations in which dogs behave like true heroes and this story is one of those ones. They sometimes outperform their role of companions and act like real redeemers. The border Collie was facing great risk endeavoring to save the defenseless marsupials during great fires in Australia. After his heroic action, the legendary dog was awarded by one of the International animal organizations.

This dog remained one of those few ones in the entire world that possess the ability to smell suffering koalas from a great distance. Several years ago, during the expeditions, this brave-hearted dog, accompanied with the firefighters and wearing special socks that would help him avoid getting burnt, saved more than 100 hundred koalas in the areas that were mostly affected by the bushfires.

Yet he didn’t have an easy situation in past. Originally, being a pup, he was unluckily abandoned by his former owner. Since then, he remained a dog with limitless energy and great enthusiasm to play as he had not received support and love required for him.  Eventually, he was saved and later included into detection dogs team using his special capability of discovering injured koalas due to their smell.


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And now he is adored by the whole team devoting his entire life to the rescue of poor koalas that suffer extreme conditions and are constantly at risk because of disastrous fires in Australia.


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