The two cat friends are two halves of one whole and couldn’t live apart

Adorable friendship between two cat friends, who couldn’t be kept apart 

The cats named Lucy and Louie met in a shelter. Lucy grasped Louie and didn’t want to let go, although he was a loner. And their connection became stronger.

Jones and his fiancée went to the shelter to adopt a puppy, but after meeting these two friends they changed their mind.

“When we went to the shelter we forgot about our full time jobs and that we live in an apartment.”

Jones told: “We don’t spend much time at home, so we considered, that dogs need so much attention and care. So we considered, that it would be much better to adopt a cat. And my girlfriend immediately linked with Lucy when they first met.”

Lucy was stressed for leaving her closest friend in the shelter. But the couple decided to take Louie for the time being. They did it for Lucy to adopt the situation quickly.

And after some time the cats got used to their new apartment and they understood, that these two friends couldn’t be kept alone. They are two halves of one whole and their friendship is very strong.

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