From Stray to Family: Remarkable Journey of a Homeless Puppy Finds Hope and Happiness in Canada

The kind-hearted couple treated the puppy and transported him to Canada  🤗🥹

Bruce and his wife were on holiday in Macedonia and they came across a homeless puppy next to the only restaurant in town. He appeared to be in pain and had no purpose in life.

After they left the restaurant at midnight they took the sweet little puppy home with them. He arrived at the front door in a bad way. He was so skinny, that his ribs were showing through his fur and he wasn’t able to walk normally.

Bruce told about the moment he needed to consider the puppy’s future. He told, that he believed in faith and when the puppy followed them into the yard he understood the puppy would become their family member.

The couple considered leaving the puppy in their garden on the first night, as they didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable or shy.

And in the morning Bruce’s wife immediately went into the garden to see the puppy. And when the puppy saw her opening the door he stood happily to greet them and they considered to take him into their home.

At first, they organized a makeshift bed for him to relax and called the vet for an examination and treatment. The vet had administered care, gave all the needed vaccines and also created a passport for the puppy to return to Canada with the couple.

They named him Chachi and when it was time for them to fly to Canada the vet called and informed, that the puppy was very sick and couldn’t fly with them. The couple was lucky, as their parents were also there and they considered staying for a few more days to take Chachi with them.

Chachi arrived in Canada and started a new life with Bruce, his wife and their other puppies. And the video captured his transformation into a funny, handsome puppy.

Although it cost a lot of money and is difficulty to transport Chachi to Canada the couple is still very happy for their decision.

Thanks for your kind heart.

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