This amazing dog has already caught the attention of thousands of people with his fantastic outfits

His outfits are awesome!

Meet Moni, a cute dog, who lives in Toronto, Canada with his loving owners. Moni is so famous on social media thanks to his wonderful outfits. He has already collected one million followers on Instagram and due to his fortune, his owners live very well.

His human says that besides wearing amazing clothes, Moni is so loving and cute and thanks to his personality, a great number of people are attracted by him. Although he lives in a small village, many people from all over the world know him.

The owners never expected that their doggy would become popular so fast. They are proud of their pet and are grateful to him for making their lives better.

This amazing dog is provided with different clothes, each of which is beautiful in its own way. His humans love to take interesting photos of him in these creative outfits.

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