A caring dog, who adores helping his owner working in the garden

Amazing friendship between a house dog and butterflies 

A dog named Mina has always been loving and affectionate, even as a small puppy. He adores helping his mother in everything, especially when she is working in the garden.

And as the family’s yard had many flowers and plants, there are are a lot of butterflies and it didn’t take Mina long to become food friends with the butterflies.

And also the butterflies adored Mina and continued to come to him for a small snooze.

He is very kind and lets them sit on him as long as they like.

Mina also adores posing for photos and even has his culinary program with his mother and it was very simple to take lovely photos of him with butterflies.

Mina always takes opportunity to communicate with every butterfly, that comes and the garden has become a lovely place for them.

Mina adores his butterfly friends and will do everything to protect them and be gentle to them when they are near.

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