The family dog has become famous on social media for the funny poses he takes in group photos

What funny group photos!

Yonko, a Chinese woman, who has four adorable dogs, loves to take pictures of them and share them on the Internet. Her pets are quite famous on social media, but one of them is more popular due to his amusing poses he takes in the group photos.

It’s difficult for the owner to capture them together, because Hinna, the craziest puppy decides to hang his tongue or open his mouth widely making the picture more interesting.

Although in most photos he differs from
his siblings, many people are attracted by them and smile when they watch these amusing photos.

Here we present the funniest of them. You can’t watch them without smiling, because they are really wonderful.

At first the owner got angry about such unsuccessful pictures, but seeing that they got loved by humans, she found something entertaining in them.

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