As It Turned out the Wild Kitten Just Needs a Chance to Expose Herself as a Cute Kitty

A few weeks ago a family in San Jose, California, discovered a hissing wild kitten near their house. After the examination it turned out that the baby had an eye infection that required medical attention.

The local animal rights activists who are the co-founders of Mini Cat Town live in their neighborhood and they carried the cocky kitten to them.

Our mom looked at her, brought her into the house set up a playpen for her and gave her a fluffy blanket. By the time we got home, the kitten already had a name – Lucky,” tells Tram Bye.

The eye infection we treated her for was pretty serious and the first set of medicines didn’t help, so we had to change the prescription without waiting for any visible improvements. “- tell the owners.

The girl continued to hiss angrily every time she saw a person for several days. Tram and her family already knew that the kitten just needed time to get used to it. They brought food, medicine, toys for her and all the soft things that could make her feel comfortable.

We socialized her using a toothbrush. We scratched and talked to her seeing how she gradually gets used to us, tells Trump. Very soon she became so affectionate and sweet and she began to purr in response to stroking but she still hissed if we approached her too quickly.

While Lucky was recovering one of the family’s dogs came to her to offer her a little chat and cuddle. Lucky happily buried herself in the dog’s fur and fell asleep to her loud purr.

As the little kitty got used to the environment more and more her hiss subsided and the playful sides of the cutie’s character began to appear.

She began to purr as soon as you stroked her and she began to actively chase after all moving objects.

Watch Lucky’s amazing story on video:

When the time for the possible adoption came the kitten was transferred to the adaptation room with other kittens.

Lucky is a little shy with unfamiliar people but the affection warms her up and makes her behaves in a way she is.

She needs a family that can understand her nature and temporary shyness and just after several weeks of overexposure she found just such people.

She goes to a wonderful family. There is mom, dad, two daughters and three catties,” tells Tram.

We had a meeting with them and they introduced us to their entire family. They even arranged a tour of the house and showed where Lucky will live until he gets acclimatized.”

Lucky is really lucky to have such a happy life!

We and our mother who took care of Lucky will miss her very much but we are so happy that she obtained such a caring family!”

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