The farm’s official greeter. Farm cat is fond of massaging, combing and cuddling pigs

This creature goes above and beyond for his beloved companions.

Cats can help their fellows, people or animals relax just by purring but one country cat goes above and beyond for his beloved companions. He suggests free massages as well as body cures.
Ernest, an amiable house cat, lives at Juggling Daises Farm located in Wisconsin, where all animals are treated like companions, not food. The ranch is home to cows, alpacas, goats, sheep, horses as well as pigs. Amy, the owner of the ranch, has opened an Instagram account in order to share all the unique occasions of the ranch in the expectation of sharing the joy. It seems to work.

While Ernest salutes all animals, he is especially fond of the four regional pigs. In innumerable shots and clips, Ernest can be seen lounging on the hind part of his “pig pillows”. He is always with the pigs and grooms and gives them constant massages. He is fond of cleaning their ears and the pigs don’t seem to oppose. A clip of Ernest looking after one of the pigs named Clementine was shared with the caption; I just woke up and it’s real. So cheerful we’re fellows, Ernest…-Clementine.”

The lovely cat has no favorites and treats all pigs evenly.

Even though owning a farm is a lot of work, the reward is being able to watch the animals socialize with each other. Amy wrote; “There are many, many moments on our farm…whether it’s heartening or laughing, I always walk around with a big old smile.”

Ernest’s curiosity led him to other farm creatures which he tried to massage and saddle but not all of them were as quiet and understanding as pigs. He is still making an attempt to attract a mini donkey named Pickles.

Meantime, Ernest is engaged with teaching other house cats how to socialize with farm animals as well as works as the farm’s official greeter. “People, we all need to get along and be like these two. After Ernest and Sassy instantly hit it off, Amy wrote, “Unconditional love when we first met.”

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