A very fantastic connection between a kind rescuer and an owl

A loving owl, who couldn’t hide her joy for his rescuer’s come back

A great horned owl named Iggy was taken to the vet when she was in a bad condition. A kind man, who appeared to see her rescued her.

And the owl was so thankful of her saviour named Andrew, that she couldn’t stop hugging him when he came back from his vocation. The owner told, that this bird was the most significant one they have ever looked after.

The best person to search for Iggy would be Andrew and the possibility of the owl’s cure would have been so little without Andrew.

“She trusts him and knows him very well.”

They told, that they had never seen such a strong connection between a man and a bird. Iggy clearly trust Andrew.

When Andrew came back from the vacation Iggy couldn’t hide her joy. She began to dance, but wasn’t able to remove her arms from his. They told: “Watching him befriend with these birds really makes us emotional.” What an amazing story, isn’t it? What do you think?

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