A shelter cat at first had some difficulties sleeping in her new house

A kind girl gave the cat the opportunity to have a good life

A girl considered to take an animal from the shelter after the therapy. She started a new life and considered to adopt a pet.

She went to the shelter and told the workers to demonstrate her the cat, who stayed there the longest. The cat named Kala was shown to her. She was a street cat and was rather old.

The cat seemed to understand the girl’s purpose. She started meowing loudly and the girl smiled for the first time in a long period. At first Kala had some difficulties sleeping in a new home.

But finally in the morning she was able to sleep. And following that the cat could only sleep with the girl. She was very sweet and adored hugs. She loved her owner.

So a big, elderly shelter cat can make people happy and the girl should be thanked for letting her spend her life in a kind, loving and supportive environment.

And we hope, that many people will take an example from the girl.

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