An incredibly rare, but happening genetic mutation

A distinctive rabbit, that was very active and energetic 

Mila has been breeding rabbits for a long time, but recently an amusing thing happened.Their rabbit gave birth to a baby without ears.Mila couldn’t understand what was happening, because newborn bunnies are very small and have hardly visible ears.

The unusual baby also had seven other siblings, who lived in the same neighbourhood as their mother.Mila saw, that one of the bunnies was born without ears.He grew up just like his siblings, despite the breeder’s thoughts.

He was as energetic and active as other bunnies.Mila considered to take a unique bunny and raise it by herself with her other four kids.They named it Kat, because he resembled much like a cat or a lion cub.

Mila’s kids considered the bunny amusing and were fascinated by it.The family’s vet also came and made them sure, that the rabbit is absolutely healthy.

An amazingly rare, but happening genetic mutation.


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