This kind-hearted man continues his mother’s work and has devoted his whole life to the protection of animals

What a devoted animal lover!

Degan’s mother Svetlana was a great animal lover and saved hundreds of dogs’ lives during her life. Her work continued her son, who devoted his whole life to the protection of animals. They worked together for 20 years, and the man still does his best to make the lives of poor canines better and happier.

At first they just fed the stray animals of their village, but seeing how people reacted to their action (many of them even supported them), they started to enlarge their work. They collected food and other necessary things from many people, and then, step by step they managed to open their own shelter.

It took place in 1997, but after a few years the old woman passed away. Her son never stopped saving stray dogs, on the contrary, he focused on this wonderful job and became a real hero.

Still now the man runs his shelter and has already saved hundreds of dogs’ lives.

Many people think that it’s very easy to do such a rescue work, but in fact, it’s very challenging and not everyone can do this.

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