The unearthly charm and femininity of Angelina Jolie never cease to delight her fans

Well-known actress Jolie in a lace mini made everyone admire her

It seems like the world-famous and talented actress and director has already got over her divorce with her ex-husband and now has nothing to be concerned about. Most of the part, she sincerely smiles to the camera delighting the public with her spectacular and unrepeatable appearance. Besides her great talent and professional skills, the iconic diva is a caring mother as well who dedicates most of her time to her children.

In the following photos, she wears a delicate mini dress and a white tunic completing her stylish look with a woven bag and sandals.

The successful actress was captured by the paparazzi with her heiress whom she was taking to the zoo. They took a long walk as well enjoying their precious time together.

However surprising it might seem, the ex-spouses are raising six children. After the breakup with the demanded actor, Jolie dedicates her life to the upbringing of her beloved kids.

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