The puppy, who had a rough life and suffered a lot, sees the world in bright colours

Tormented, but still brave!

This adorable puppy had a very difficult life because of the inhumanity of a butcher, who hung the poor animal upside-down in order to make his flesh more flexible.

But the puppy’s paws started to rot, so he wasn’t suitable for meat any more, and the butcher just threw him away.

Luckily, his rescuer appeared on time and saved his life. Despite being tormented so much, the cute puppy was still looking at his rescuer with grateful eyes.

The vets had to amputate all his legs in order to save his life.

He was called Chi Chi and after a short time he was adopted by a loving family and got all the appropriate treatment.

The life of the brave animal changed at once and he became his owners’ happiness.

Although the cutie is still in the recovery process, he is very funny and playful. Chi Chi enjoys to spend much time with his caring owners.

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