«For the sake of her disabled grandson»: This old granny daily takes her grandson in a wheelchair to school

This elderly woman walks 24 kilometers for the sake of her little disabled grandson

For already a relatively long time, this heroic and praiseworthy elderly woman daily takes her grandson to school who is, misfortunately, disabled.

He has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy since the age of 2. His parents undertook absolutely everything to cure him, whereas everything in vail.  The boy needed constant care, support and affection.

When his mother left the family marrying another man when he was still 4, for the little boy his father and granny were already responsible. Whereas his father now works in another town and it is his only aged granny who takes him to school every single day.

The granny admits that the boy has a good command of mathematics and has a strong memory. She is more than sure he will succeed in the near future.

She sincerely hopes that they will soon be a special school for disabled pupils and she doesn’t lose her hope.

She is truly a hero, isn’t she?

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